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The Reflector

The purpose of the Reflector is to reflect on the health of their community. The Reflector is truly here only for others. You are always reflecting the health and welfare of their community. A happy Reflector comes from a happy community. An unhappy Reflector lives in an unhappy community.

Reflectors are truly collective barometers of the well-being of a group. Because the nature of the Reflector is to be energetically reflective, the conditioning experience of the Reflector does not seem as harsh as it can feel for other Types, especially the Projectors. Reflectors are designed to be deeply conditioned by their environment and, because they have such little consistency in their charts, can reflect something new quite easily without much trauma.

Reflectors are lunar beings. The moon makes a complete cycle through each of the 64 Gates every 28 days. As the moon moves through the chart of a Reflector, it brings with it consistent changes in definition. What that means is that a Reflector has a predictable 28-day cycle and predictable changes within their cycle according to the position of the moon. Because of these consistent changes, a Reflector can anticipate energetic and decisive days based on their lunar cycle.

Reflectors often experience disappointment in their decisions because they didn’t wait long enough for clarity. They can regret their choices and be stuck with unhappy consequences because they were pressured to make a fast decision. It is vital for Reflectors that they have a consistent group of friends with who they feel good, who will listen and support the Reflector in their decision-making. Because of the inconsistent nature of the Reflector’s energy, Reflectors need consistent auras that they can rely on.

Reflectors also need to heed their only true inner authority, feeling good. When a Reflector feels good where they are, then they are in the right place. If a Reflector does not feel good somewhere, whether it is in a restaurant or at their job, it is important for them to leave. Of course, they can leave a restaurant immediately, but they should wait a full 28 days to be sure that leaving their job is correct.

Reflectors in their energetic flow Blocked Reflectors

+ Talkative - Highly sensitive

+ Passionate - Disappointment

+ Unique - Struggle to stay grounded

+ Proponents for peace and prosperity - Clingy

+ Reflect the health of their community - Inconsistent - looking for support

or structure

Affirmation of the Reflector

I am a reflection of the world around me. If I feel good, I am in the right place. If I don’t feel good, I need to change my location.

I honour myself enough to take as long as necessary to make good choices. I discuss my options with my close friends, I listen carefully to their feedback and sense if it feels correct for me.

I am sensitive to the world around me. I experience the pain and suffering of others deeply.

I have consistent strategies to help me cope with intense feelings of disappointment with the world.

I seek solace and find joy in nature, in animals, and with children who help me restore my spirit.


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