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The Manifestor

Your Manifestor strategy is to inform everyone in your “impact field” before you leap into

actions. Be aware that your powerful Manifestor energy can soften the impact of your own energy if you follow your strategy. By informing all the people who will be impacted by your actions you will optimize your energy to serve yourself and others. Informing others does not come naturally for Manifestors. You may feel controlled or manipulated by others in your impact field if you “have to inform” them. That is not the case, and you will need to learn to inform and use this strategy.

Manifestors are not here to be told what to do. Most Manifestors do not tell others what they themselves are doing. The reason is that from an early age Manifestors learned that others will try to stop you or tell you that what you want to do is not possible. But Manifestors understand that informing others can improve your relationships and remove resistance. It will create support and acceptance for your power and creative energy. It is important for you to remember is that just because you inform others doesn’t mean that they must stop or change what they are doing. You are just letting people know what to expect from your intended actions.

In addition to informing, Manifestors also feel more loved and respected when you yourself are informed about what is happening. If you love a Manifestor, inform them about what you are doing. It helps them create and takes away some of the natural anger that can be triggered in the Manifestor.

The irony is that when Manifestors are children, their parents’ sense, on an energetic level, that they must control these kids because these kids are capable of just about anything! Many Manifestor children grow up learning that they must shut their power down or that they must secretly just do what they want to do.

Because of this, the idea of informing for a Manifestor is not only unnatural, but it can also seem frightening. The Manifestor is scared that people will try to tell them they can’t do what they want to do or that they will be punished for being too powerful.

Manifestors in their energetic flow Blocked Manifestors

+ Energetic and driven - Angry and irritable

+ Powerful and influential - Self-absorbed

+ Successful - Individual - no team player

+ Impulsive - Impatient

+ Mysterious - Secretive

Affirmation for the Manifestor

I am a powerful being. I do not have to wait to exert my power.

I take note of all the people who will be impacted by my actions and inform them about my actions. They do not have to like what I do or even agree to help me, and their resistance does not mean that I have to stop my actions.

My actions give other things to respond to. By giving other things to respond to, I am taking my place in the natural order of creation.

I always attract the right people who will support my creative flow.


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