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The Projector

If you are in a strong relaxed aura, you are living your Projector strategy, trusting that invitations and recognition will come from the right people, who value your wisdom and guidance.

The aura of the Projector does the talking. A Projector who waits has an aura that says, “Ask me a question. I know the answer and I would love to share it with you”.

A healthy Projector has no bitterness or desperation. They simply wait.

Projectors who are not using their energy and their inherent wisdom, correctly are often perceived as:

  • pushy or bossy

  • nosy or annoying or irritating

  • bitter

  • or they are simply ignored and literally not heard when they speak.

The best approach for a Projector is to wait to be asked or invited before sharing your advice, opinion, feedback, guidance, or direction. When someone asks, they then indicate that they want the guidance and inherent wisdom of you the Projector. Even if that person is completely unaware that they are asking a Projector, they are unconsciously reacting to the Projector’s energetic configuration. That person will then hear and appreciate the value of the Projector’s input because they were open to receiving it.

The next best approach for the Projector is to at least wait for some recognition and an opening to speak into. Make eye contact and wait to sense an opportunity to speak without barging into a conversation or seeming pushy or overbearing. The most effective way for you to begin is to say something like:

  • “I have some experience that may be helpful to you, would it be alright if I share it with you?”

  • “I have some insights about that, may I tell you about them?”

  • “Perhaps I could be of help, would you mind if I try?

Please vary the question to suit your circumstances and personality. Notice that each one is a yes/no question requiring that the other person either gives you permission to speak or does not. With their yes response, you have a clear opening/invitation. If the response is no, it’s usually best to wait.

Projectors in their energetic flow Blocked Projectors

+ Managing and directing others - Bitter and resentful

+ Insightful - Perceived by others as lazy

+ Intuitive or inner knowing - Highly sensitive

+ Magnetic and attractive - Lack of self-awareness

+ Help focus energy flow to accomplish great things - Suffering from burn-out

Affirmation for the Projector

I am a valuable resource to others. I am here to guide those who seek my wisdom, and I wait patiently for the right people to recognize what I have to offer. This helps me conserve my precious energy and feel valued and loved.

When I am waiting for an invitation, the most important thing for me to do is to follow my passion.

I never know what exciting opportunity will come my way. Fully engaging in my passion prepares me for my next adventure. I converse my energy and use it wisely.

It is okay for me to honour my own energy patterns. I don’t have to keep up with others. I am unique.


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