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The Manifesting Generator


Please also carefully read all information over the Generator, because these also are valid for the Manifesting Generator.

The Generator has an open enveloping aura – an aura that attracts and draws towards itself. Thus, if the Generator body acts within its natural balanced aura, it will attract the right people, opportunities, actions etc so that it can experience a fully satisfactory life.

To achieve this:

  1. The key is to learn to wait, listen to your sacral energy before you respond, waiting is difficult, particularly for the energy-packed Generators; waiting for the mind is torture and creates the first frustration.

  2. If you respond too quickly you end up doing the wrong things / end up with the wrong person / getting into trouble / second wave of frustration.

  3. To wait for means you must switch off the mind in terms of strategy and decision making – the mind must have no authority over you. If you listen to the mind you are lost.

The emotional theme of the Generator is frustration. If you are prepared to take on this new Generator lifestyle, take note of the following.

  • You wait patiently to respond to the right stimulus and once you respond it will re-generate the right energy so that you can explore and experience life in total satisfaction. Come totally into the flow of everything.

  • To know if it is the right time you can check with your sacral energy by asking very simple yes/no questions (sacral will allow you to get to the truth quickly and effectively):

    • is it the right thing to do now? Does it feel right? (If you can cut out the mind, your body and aura will have tested the opportunity and give you a crystal-clear answer).

    • and/or you can follow your authority to check if the decision is right.

  • If you respond correctly to the sacral you get more life energy – you will feel that life force. This then builds your momentum and can easily be shared with others to join in and benefit from the energy flow.

  • Generators are here to use your energy – by the end of the day you must use up all your energy so that you can rest and re-generate through sleep the new energy for the next day.

The emotional theme of the Manifesting Generator is anger and frustration.

The key difference to the Generator is that the Manifesting Generators must also inform everyone in

their impact field (like Manifestors must) to stabilize the energy around them.

Additionally note:

  • The Manifesting Generator who is not responding correctly runs the risk of being very busy but achieving nothing. This is because the Manifesting Generator is so fast when you do respond that you tend to skip important steps. Thus, you frequently must go back and fix the steps you have skipped.

  • You can go so fast that informing others feels like it is slowing you down. But informing others will decrease the resistance that you feel from others. This will prevent others from getting angry with you or you from getting angry with others.

  • Manifesting Generators are designed to do multiple things at once. To others, it looks like the Manifesting Generator is “all over the place”. And, in truth, it does often seem that way.

  • A Manifesting Generator is uniquely capable of getting more things done than most and maintains this for a long period of time.

Manifesting Generators in their energetic flow Blocked Manifesting Generators

+ Energetic - Often frustrated and angry

+ Can multitask - many things at once - Skip important steps

+ Good at finding shortcuts - Try to “make things happen” forceful

+ Self-aware - Hate waiting

+ Sustainable energy - Do not always finish what they start

Affirmation for the Manifesting Generator

Even though I am inspired and excited, I wait for my Sacral response and then take action. I am patient with others. Not everyone can move as quickly as I can.

I need to do many things at once. It’s who I am.

It’s okay to skip steps. If I need to go back and do something I missed, it’s just a part of my intense creative process.

I am a powerful creator; I inspire others to support my creative process when I respond and then inform people about what I’m doing.

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