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Profile Line 1 - The Investigator

Profile: what is my perspective on life?

Your profile explains:

  • your attitude in life

  • your perspective

  • how you see things

  • how you relate to other people

Line 1 - The Investigator

General description

Constantly searching and researching - investigating – mentally busy.

Need information to build a secure and safe foundation.

This makes them curious, inquisitive, and nervous.

Always searching for answers.


Don’t make changes easily; often only take steps of change when fully prepared


Share what you know with others; a go-to person who knows a lot


Need time to “study” their partner – they need to be sure and feel secure before deciding

Summary of profile 1

+ deeply knowledgeable; - Terrified of the unknown

+ Trustworthy - Miss life experiences

+ reliable - Too busy questioning

/ decision making difficult


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