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Profile Line 6 - The Role Model

Profile: what is my perspective on life?

Your profile explains:

  • your attitude in life

  • your perspective

  • how you see things

  • how you relate to other people

Line 6 - The Role Model

General description

Go through 3 phases in their life path:

1st phase until 28 years – experience life by doing.

2nd phase until 56 years – time of reflection – mastering life by focusing on yourself “being on the roof” (aloofness).

3rd phase until the end – creating a life of full manifestation of your authentic self.


To come off the roof to share your life’s destiny & purpose; move into the action of manifesting your life direction. Overcome the pressure from others by sharing your wisdom.


Life path to becoming an inspirational role model for others to follow.


Need time to find your soulmate – while on the roof it’s difficult to initiate relationships.

Summary of profile 6

+ A role model to inspire others - Stuck in aloofness / attached

by simply being

+ Wisdom with practical experiences - Struggle to out into the world


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