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Profile Line 5 - The Heretic

Profile: what is my perspective on life?

Your profile explains:

  • your attitude in life

  • your perspective

  • how you see things

  • how you relate to other people

Line 5 - The Heretic

General description

Don’t realize their true power and qualities.

Have the power of influence and seduction over people.

People project their energies onto them and thus it seems difficult to know who they really are. Come across as secretive and private.


To be aligned with their strategy to attract the right people and opportunities in your life.


Have the power to influence people to heal or make changes for the greater good of everyone. Energetically they mirror people to heal and align their energy.


Need time to feel secure and comfortable in a relationship. Hate vulnerability and strive for the highest expression of love.

Summary of profile 5

+ Can effectively influence, heal, - Can use their charm for personal gain

and lead people

+ Strong Aura - Can hurt People


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