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Profile Line 4 - The Opportunist

Profile: what is my perspective on life?

Your profile explains:

  • your attitude in life

  • your perspective

  • how you see things

  • how you relate to other people

Line 4 - The Opportunist

General description

The key focus is on relationships - relationships form the foundations of their life.

Receive the greatest opportunities and experiences through social networks and friends. Does not make changes very easily – rigid in their way.


It’s a lifetime process to master the foundation of relationships. Deeply caring friendships. To master empathy and not allow EGO power to dictate their relationships.


Master relationships in a deep caring and supporting way. Share through relationships.


First, need a friendship that develops in partnership. Can be very insecure in partnership (sometimes platonic qualities that are not shared). Need to be assured where they stand in the partnership.

Summary of profile 4

+ Consistent & stable in friendship - Afraid to speak the truth

+ Genuine caring support for friends - Fix things by creating an alternative friend


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