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Profile Line 3 - The Martyr

Profile: what is my perspective on life?

Your profile explains:

  • your attitude in life

  • your perspective

  • how you see things

  • how you relate to other people

Line 3 - The Martyr

General description

Learn by experimenting - have to do & feel things.

There are no mistakes; only crucial learning steps in mastering what works.

Needs the experience by trying, feeling, doing things.


Must experience themselves. Must overcome the fear of making mistakes.

Must overcome the fear of being criticized for “mistakes”


Share your practical experience of what truly works effectively.


Need a lot of time to get clear about what they want and need. Fall in love at first sight, but then lose it again. Need a lot of space, freedom, and time to be sure.

Summary of profile 3

+ Very wise about life experiences - Afraid to try new things

+ Practical solutions that work - Dealing with criticism

+ Action driven - Hurt themselves


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