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Authority - “How do I decide?”

Working with one's own authority is the key to navigating through life. In the following, we explain your specific authority:

  • how and wherein the body or center your is based,

  • how you can make the best decisions.

There is no way that your mind can fully comprehend the abundance of information because this enormous complexity of consciousness can only be absorbed by your body or energy centers, and thus much better able to make intelligent decisions. Authority is not logical, and your mind may or may not agree with it. Your mind is incapable of knowing what's right for you, but through experimentation, you can learn to trust your unique authority with choices.

Sacral Authority

Sacral authority is exclusive to the Generator and Manifesting Generator.

Sacral authority is the response in the now. It is the life force lighting up to be available, or not, for whatever it is responding to. The sacral only speaks in three voices:

Ah-hah (yes),

Uhn-un (no)

hmmm (no response, or no energy)

It is important to hear the sound of your own sacral response (auditory) and or to feel (visceral) the opening or the closing of your energy’s availability.

It is a very shocking realization to discover that you can know everything about your life through the right questions.

Sacral questions are simple yes or no questions. When you see for yourself that your energy and your mind disagree this can be scary. Going against your life force causes frustration and degeneration of your entire body and everything you touch.

Being in alignment with your life force energy is when responding from your sacral authority. This gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and regeneration as your energy is being well used.


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