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Authority - “How do I decide?”

Working with one's own authority is the key to navigating through life. In the following, we explain your specific authority:

  • how and wherein the body or center your is based,

  • how you can make the best decisions.

There is no way that your mind can fully comprehend the abundance of information because this enormous complexity of consciousness can only be absorbed by your body or energy centers, and thus much better able to make intelligent decisions. Authority is not logical, and your mind may or may not agree with it. Your mind is incapable of knowing what's right for you, but through experimentation, you can learn to trust your unique authority with choices.

Mental Authority

Mental authority, also known as “none” or “environmental,” is exclusive to projectors.

The mental authority can be accessed by hearing the truth in one’s own voice after it leaves the body.

Lifeforce carries the frequency and is discernible when communicated.

In this type of projector, all centers below the throat are undefined, and the person receives sensory information about the environment through their open centers.

This authority learns to feel in the body what environment is beneficial and “see” who really wants or must be informed about this unique perspective.

When it is invited into something larger where a decision is necessary, it is good to step back and talk it through with a listener who will not try to influence the decision.

The correct environment will bring the correct people and activities, and a feeling of relaxation in the body.


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