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Authority - “How do I decide?”

Working with one's own authority is the key to navigating through life. In the following, we explain your specific authority:

  • how and wherein the body or center your is based,

  • how you can make the best decisions.

There is no way that your mind can fully comprehend the abundance of information because this enormous complexity of consciousness can only be absorbed by your body or energy centers, and thus much better able to make intelligent decisions. Authority is not logical, and your mind may or may not agree with it. Your mind is incapable of knowing what's right for you, but through experimentation, you can learn to trust your unique authority with choices.

Lunar Authority

Lunar authority, exclusive to the reflector, is navigated through the movement or transits of the moon and is in that sense celestial.

This is radically different from all the other authorities. With no consistent life force, lunar authority requires a deep understanding of how the planets are bringing energy into life.

There is a pattern, like a song or poem of the life force turning on and off, that must be learned. This pattern repeats itself every 28 to 29 days, so observing this pattern while considering a decision gives many different perspectives.

It is only by seeing life through one or more lunar cycles that a reflector can even begin to “see” how these movements change them, so they can have a much deeper relationship with nature and the stars.

Environmental awareness is also key here. It is very important that these beings be in the correct physical location as they bring a reflection of their environment to the world.

At the end of a cycle or perhaps many cycles, the Reflector can have a sense of clarity about the decision.


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