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Authority - “How do I decide?”

Working with one's own authority is the key to navigating through life. In the following, we explain your specific authority:

  • how and wherein the body or center your is based,

  • how you can make the best decisions.

There is no way that your mind can fully comprehend the abundance of information because this enormous complexity of consciousness can only be absorbed by your body or energy centers, and thus much better able to make intelligent decisions. Authority is not logical, and your mind may or may not agree with it. Your mind is incapable of knowing what's right for you, but through experimentation, you can learn to trust your unique authority with choices.

Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus)

When the Solar Plexus is defined in one’s chart, it means their inner authority is an Emotional authority. Emotional authority is rooted in feeling rather than thinking. It is not logical, and one should never try to explain it. Emotions work in a wave-like motion, moving from hope to pain and back again. It is necessary to feel the full cycle of the emotional wave before being in the position to decide. Emotional authority is slow and should never be rushed.

It is an incredibly deep awareness of the environment, like an emotional radar reaching out to feel what is good for you. For an emotional being, you must feel the situation or persons over a period, from different points in your emotional wave, to draw the truth from it. This is feeling your way through life, and “playing hard to get.” It is a good idea to push people and decisions away for as long as possible. You will never be sure in your mind, but you can be certain that it will just feel right or not. Therefore, we say, “There is no truth in the now for the emotional being.” Anytime you start thinking, remember it is about what you feel, not what you think.


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