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The African Acacia tree, also known as the Umbrella Thorn Acacia, has symbolised purity, endurance, and rebirth since ancient times. Vitalitry Business Advice B.V. has adopted this symbol as its logo because it resonates with the purity of a sincere desire to better personal and business goals, it stresses the importance of hard work and endurance in accomplishing all things and offers the transformative effects of a successfully implemented strategy to live a sovereign and authentic life.

The Acacia Tree has both deep and shallow roots and survives through drought and famine. It is a strong tree, which provides shelter for wild animals from the soaring heat of the sun and food and nourishment for animals such as the Giraffe.

Amazingly, it has multiple defence mechanisms, which has helped it ensure its species' continuation throughout the ages. Umbrella Thorn (Acacia tortilis), a dominant tree of the eastern and southern African Savannah, is the only acacia with straight and curved thorns.

As a second line of defence, biting, stinging, swarming ants, ready to give their lives in defence of the colony and turn a mouthful of foliage into a painful experience, protect the Acacia which lures its “guests” into its canopies by offering an ample supply of nectar from the leaves. This symbiosis is a typical example where host and guest enter a mutually beneficial partnership.

Experienced herbivores still feed on the delicate, nourishing leaves, disregarding the first two defence lines. Once the canopy's perimeter has been breached, a chemical defence mechanism in the form of tannin kicks in, while the breaking up of foliage by feeding animals releases ethylene, which sends out a message to neighbouring trees. Hence, these trees raise their own level of toxic fluids. This communication stops the Giraffe from overgrazing as a valuable source of nourishment, and it will move upwind in search of additional food supply.

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