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Human Design – Discovering the new of differentiation


Many of us are still living in the Newtonian thinking – we only make decisions based on what we think. Today we know that the brain has limited capacity and speed of processing information. We also know that not all decisions are made in the brain/mind. The body is a million times faster and more accurate in assessing and processing information. Science has progressed to quantum physics to understand the time of swift information processing at the cellular level.

Is it not time for us to revisit who we are and how we can use this knowledge transform to keep up with the demands of our changing times?

What is Human Design?

The Human Design system, a new synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, can help you understand the beauty and the power of just who you are.

This personality analysis combines Eastern and Western Astrology elements, the Chinese I ‘Ching, the Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra system, and modern quantum physics.

The synthesis of all these systems creates a Human Design chart of how you process energy, your unique decision-making strategies, and your gifts, talents, drives, and potential pain.

Human design is the science of differentiation. It is here to help us to align to our unique nature.

Science of differentiation

Human Design shows that the mind cannot control life, the true life, your life. It can only pretend to maintain a life it makes up. We’re stuck in the old model, in the old way of thinking and require a transformation in our living to align with the dynamics and changing world. Understanding the opportunity Human Design gives us is one of the most incredible things about seeing the dynamics of what it is to be in this human form. It is an opportunity to claim your authority.

The body is the temple, and you cannot navigate this earthly plane on the mind alone; the reason has a function, but you will not manage reality without the body.

We are binary consciousness – we are mind and body; conscious and unconscious; we are not our mind; the reason is incapable of managing our life – it is not designed to work our life.

Everything about our lives is about navigation (decision making) – this way or that way.

The only way you are ever going to be able to begin the process of transformation is to surrender to what you are. To submit means to give up your mind as being the authority and decision-maker in your life. Surrender means to trust in the power that is inherent in your design.


What Human Design provides is the key to transform your life – the type and the authority. To change means that you can operate with an authority that bypasses the mind.

What stands in your way is the deep conditioning that trains you to follow your mind.

To live as an individual according to their Human Design strategy and authority takes a lot of your conscious effort. However, one has to grasps it for oneself; nobody can bring the truth to you – it is just you who can; it is an experiment after all. When you start to follow your strategy and follow your Inner Authority, you will see the shift.

What is Human Design?

It’s about learning how to decide for yourself. As profound and beautiful as this knowledge is, this science of differentiation is a bonus to humanity and anyone ready to use it. It’s straightforward. It is absolute, and as such, can be nothing else but simple. That is the natural beauty about it.

People must learn to love themselves. To truly love yourself is something very, very beautiful. To trust what it is you are, to rely on that you can stand alone. It does not mean you are without others or love or all these things. It means you live by what is correct for you. In doing so, you begin to see the being you are. You can then start to find that love – that love for yourself. And more, the magic of what can happen to the mind when it’s no longer a fool when it is no longer lost in what does not matter when it becomes an agent for the beauty of the potential of filtering consciousness.

Absolute outer authority or sovereignty means you can express yourself with confidence and produce results. So, what stands between you and your transformation is easy: Human Design - Strategy and Authority.


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