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About Vitalitry

Vitalitry Business Advice B.V. is a dynamic personal development consulting company comprising a team of dedicated professionals operating in The Netherlands, Germany, and South Africa. The mission is to assist people to re-establish their authentic powers and regain their sovereignty. Our support is founded on the science of Human Design which shows that people can regain their rightful sovereignty if they understand their energetic blueprint to live according to their authentic, energetic flow.

Vitalitry = providing practical advice to “know thyself.”

Our holistic approach philosophy offers maximum impact for our clients where personal growth, social capital, shared experiences, and the honouring of individuality are equally important.

If you would like to know more about us or would like to talk about how we might be able to add value for you or your friends, you can join us on the free Introduction Presentation – check our website for details of the next session - or contact someone from Vitalitry Business Advice for an interview/meeting.

Our mission

Vitalitry Business Advice B.V. is committed to assist people to re-establish their authentic powers and regain their sovereignty.

Our objective

The objective of Vitalitry Business Advice is to understand its client’s challenges and requirements to devise an implementation program with practical solutions jointly.

“To know thyself - simple rules – clear direction – sustainable results.”

Know thyself

We provide a technique to help people know themselves and provide practical advice to take back their sovereign right to live true to their authenticity.

By assisting you to clearly identify your opportunities, enhance your strengths, and clarify your goals. Our goal is to provide you with actionable steps and practical implementation suggestions, which will assist you in regaining your sovereignty and living true to your authenticity.


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