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Know Thyself

Assisting people to re-establish their authentic powers and regain their sovereignty.

What we offer

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.

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Get a fish...

Human Design Readings

Learn how Human Design can help you get a better understanding of yourself and through deeper self-knowledge ultimately get the most out of life.

Learn how to fish...

Weekly Training Sessions

We meet weekly to discuss and learn more about Human Design, ourselves and each other.

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Why join Vitalitry?

We offer two membership plans to choose from.

Lifestyle Membership

Experience the practical side of applying

human design.

Free access to weekly HD lifestyle support group

Free access to weekly online HD lifestyle training sessions

Discount for Workshops & Masterclasses

Access to Lifestyle Video Library

Access to PRO staff and personal coaches

All available for




save €60

PRO Membership

Lifestyle membership + access to

private network and additional resources

Access to private mentor and professional network

Requires Level 1 Human Design Mentor Course

Access to all resources and video library

Personal coaching and development

Discount for Workshops and Masterclasses

All available for




save €50

Public Resources

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Get connected with the world wide team of Vitalitry experts to share valuable information and insights into personal and business growth and prosperity.

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Unable to Afford Vitalitry?

Request a FREE Reading

If you are unable to afford a reading you can submit a request for a free reading supported by our community.

Support the Vitalitry Community

Make a one-time Donation

Support our community and enable someone with financial difficulties to access our community resources and services.

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