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Level 1 + 2: Human Design Reading

Personal Human Design guided reading with HDL1 & HDL2 reports.

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 1,900 South African rand
  • Hermanus

Service Description

In this online consultation, we include the complete set of personalised Reports of your Human Design (HDL1 & HDL2) and 120 minutes 1-1 personal online review covering the following topics: (1) Understand how to apply your personal Human Design strategy, (2) Understand your Inner Authority works together with your strategy to improve your decisions to maximise the success of your choices and actions, (3) Understand your role in life to help make easier decisions about jobs, careers, business and life in general, (4) Identify with others and understand why some people are like you and some are different, (5) Be more accepting and tolerant of yourself and others, (6) Apply your personal learning style to leverage your effectiveness, (7) Understand why some areas of your life seem clear and easy, while some seem confusing and unpredictable, (8) Clarify self-sabotaging patterns and behaviour, (9) Understand why you are here and how to fulfil your purpose (10) How you fit into life and humanity (11) Understand what drives you (12) Understand why you are the way you are in the world and relationships (13) See your life’s path with clarity (14) Embrace the significance of who you are (15) Express the full truth of who you are – be authentic (16) Move forward with confidence and joyful anticipation

Contact Details

  • Hermanus, Hermanus, South Africa

    +27 797 33 77 00

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